Recently I’ve noticed many firsts in my life. I’m newly married (for the first and hopefully only time), which in itself brings a whole host of firsts aside from the obvious: my first home, first of many times cooking chicken and meat dishes, our first time experiencing a family loss together, first time taking care of DH when he’s unwell.

It is also our first time traveling internationally together. We have recently arrived in Israel to spend a year in learning. This too comes with its own concomitant list of firsts: my first encounter with Israeli government and office systems by being responsible for arranging student visas, health insurance, gas masks, city transportation cards, bank accounts, and cell phone service, my first time having groceries delivered, my first time doing sponja and line-drying laundry on a regular basis. Though we’ve only been here a month I can sense my rudimentary Hebrew language skills improving seven-fold, which is a first. And last night we celebrated our first (six-month) anniversary.

And so what better time could there be to start my first blog? I don’t often leap into making decisions, but with so much new experience re-forming me inside and and forming our baby family it’s definitely a good time to throw a new responsibility into the mix.