Internet Installation Saga

So we sign up for Internet with one of the big telecommunications moguls here in Israel. We select our service and pay online, scheduling installation for that Wednesday.

Come Wednesday afternoon, the guy doesn’t show up. I call the company and am told that “they couldn’t schedule the technician so we’re going to have to reschedule,” which we do, for the next afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, technician visit #2 happens. He eats a banana, sets up the modem, and says, “In four hours, call *3014 and they’ll set you up on the Internet.”

What do you mean, didn’t you just set us up?

“No no, it’s not ready yet, you call and they’ll do it.”

Okay….we roll our eyes and say it’s Israel, what else did you expect. We were invited to a wedding that night so we didn’t call to set up the Internet on Thursday night.

We make the call on Friday morning before we leave to spend Shabbos with my sister-in-law. The technician on the phone talks me through a bunch of steps (including a “surprise” hidden fee; “What do you mean, I have to choose an ISP. Aren’t you the ISP??”) and we’re just about set up when he asks me if a certain light on the modem is on. It’s not.

Well, it should be. So he says he’ll call the main company and then call me back (isn’t he with the company? Nope, he’s with the ISP division of the company and has to talk to the infrastructure division. Silly American. We do things differently in this country). Surprise! He doesn’t.
DH calls them back to yell but is received by someone who doesn’t speak English and so the yelling doesn’t really go so well (and then they terminate the call). So I call back and explain the problem to someone else, who schedules technician visit #3 for that Monday afternoon
“You don’t have anything earlier?”
“I can send someone today.”
“We’re leaving for Shabbos in 15 minutes. You can’t send someone on Sunday?” Sunday is an ordinary workday in Israel, it wouldn’t be unusual to-
“No, we have nothing on Sunday.”

So, okay, fine. Visit #3 takes place between 3 and 5 on Monday. Except that at about 3:30 DH calls me to tell me he just got a voicemail message from someone speaking Hebrew and it would probably be best for me to call the company just in case. Knowing the poor cell reception I’ve been getting with my old cell phone, I do, and they tell me that the technician tried to call me, and then they called DH, but no one answered, so he decided he couldn’t, like, do something as radical as come up to knock on our door, and so he left.

“Can you send him back?”

No, no, the call is closed. The day’s practically over, anyway. We have to reschedule.

Oh, but wait. This person spends a little longer with me on the phone and discovers that the modem we were given at visit #2 is not compatible with the Internet speed we purchased (we opted for a faster Internet speed). Yay! Problem solved. We hope that the technician scheduled for tomorrow will bring us the right modem.

Technician #4 does not bring us a new modem, but he does confirm that the modem is not correct, and he does get it to work. So now we have internet but not at the speed we purchased, but this is indeed an improvement

So I call the company again and schedule a delivery of a new modem for Wednesday morning. Of course, this delivery guy won’t install it for us.

“It’s easy, you just call 166 and they will talk you through it.”

And I’m betting we’ll need technician visit #5…and it’s still unclear whether or not they are going to bill us for having a) Internet, and b) faster Internet for all this time.

“It’s Israel.”

No really, once stuff gets done i feel a lot better. It’s just getting it done that takes forever. That’s how these first few weeks have gone here. This country is not known for its customer service.

Apparently, though, that’s starting to change. Some new telecommunications companies have cropped up in the last three years or so, and the competition is keeping prices down and forcing the moguls and newcomers alike to deliver better services. So…maybe? That’s all good in my book. This ridiculousness is just too much to handle more than once.

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